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Kalyvitis olive oil

Our olive oil comes directly from the olive trees around our house. The mountains and the sunny climate here create the ideal circumstances for the olives to grow. Our olive groves have one kind of olive, called the Koroneiki. In the month of December we do our own harvest. We pick up the olives manually of the trees with a kind of electric brush and collect them in jute bags. We always take care that the picked olives will be within 48 hours at the factory, where they will be immediately pressed to olive oil. When we take the oil from the factory, we let it settle for some time and after we pour the olive oil directly in cans. Ready for use!


This means that the production process of our olive oil is entirely natural. The olive oil comes from Kalyvitis ground, with one olive type, which we pick ourselves, and bring to the factory. There we follow the press process and after we transfer the oil ourselves in cans. In other words, our olive oil is 100% checked!


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Adopt an olive tree

At Kalyvitis you have the possibility to adopt an olive tree. With the adoption you support us to produce our olive grove naturally and on a small-scale. For one year your olive tree is provided with your nameplate and you can enjoy the oil that the tree, and all the other olive trees on Kalyvitis, have produced.



In 2016 there is an olive tree adopted by/donated to: