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Organic wine and Raki

In the month of September we harvest our grapes in the mountains. These vineyards are not sprayed or irrigated. To make our wine, we mix Agiotiko and Shiraz grape varieties. We put the grape juice in an oak barrel to let it ferment for a few months, while the pulp is used to distill the Cretan drink 'Raki'. During your stay in Kalyvitis, you can taste our red wine and Raki. The occasional tasting is delicious and healthy!


The goats: Latika and Aïcha

Latika and Aïcha are the nosey and stubborn ladies of Kalyvitis. These are the first goats that we learnt to milk and we have managed to make our own unique goat cheese. Latika and Aïcha love to eat, chew and re-chew. They will welcome anyone who wants to feed them in their barn. If they need milking during your stay, you can give it a go!


Our chickens

On Kalyvitis, there are a few bossy ladies running around. When they're together in the security of their chicken run, they have a great time. That said, they do like a bit of extra attention. In particular, they will go crazy for fruit and veg. leftovers. So if you want to join the party and/or have some fruit and veg. leftovers, then you know who to go to.


Sustainable energy

Because we deliberately chose to live with and in nature, we made a decision to use energy responsibly. Crete gets on average 3000 hours of sun per year, so we decided to use solar energy. Kalyvitis has solar capacity with a capacity of 10 kw. With these, we generate more electricity than we actually use.