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Hiking through gorges and hiking on measure

Kalyvitis is a wonderful home base for real hiking and nature lovers. There are five gorges in the neighbourhood that differ from each other in many ways, and each of them has its own charm. As South Crete has little tourism and the Cretans themselves are rarely keen hikers, the gorges here are untouched and quiet.


Besides several gorges there are also many opportunities to hike from Kalyvitis for hours through the mountains. We have several beautiful walking routes of different lengths and levels of difficulty. There is something for everyone!


The gorges in the neighbourhood:

The gorge of Orino



Almost next door of Kalyvitis is located the gorge of Orino. This gorge supplies a surprising and very varied hike, as it's divided into three parts. The first part, that starts in the park of Koutsouras, is the most verdant part. It's full of pine trees and is surrounded by a lot of impressive cliffs (which rise around). After an hour's walking, the gorge leads into an area of cultivated upland, without the characteristics of a gorge. After walking for half an hour, this cultivated upland comes to an end and the rocks rise around you again. The last 2 km is the most impressive, and also the hardest part of the walk, but you are rewarded with picturesque views of the surrounding area.


The gorge of Pefki



The gorge of Pefki is a small gorge between the little village Pefki and the tourist resort of Makry-Gialos. Its beauty is unique, because it is located in a pine forest and the green colour of the pines is everywhere as you are walking through the gorge. The wonderful landscape combined with the sharp rocks guide you on a pleasant walk through the gorge. The morphology of this gorge differs radically from the other known gorges of Eastern Crete.



The Gorge of Pervolakia



The Gorge of Kapsa or the Gorge of Pervolakia is 9 km from Makry-Gialos. This very beautiful gorge is carved through a desolate, wild and dry landscape. It starts near the Kapsa monastery and after 3.5 km ends at the isolated, traditional settlement of Pervolakia. The route is relatively easy climb, though there are some steep through sections that need some more attention when you descend. The entrance of the gorge is about 100m from the clear, blue waters of the Libyan Sea. A refreshing swim at the pebbled beach of Kapsa can be a pleasant combination with a nice hike in the gorge.


The gorge of Zakros



The gorge which starts a short distance from the village of Zakros, ends at the bay of Kato Zakros. This gorge is of outstanding beauty, with large caves in the walls. In these caves tombs from the Minoan period, and finds great archaeological importance were discovered. That is the reason why the caves are locally called "The Caves of Dead" and the gorge "The Gorge of Dead".


The Gorge of Sarakino



Located 16km west of Ierapetra is the traditional village of Mythi. The small gorge of Sarakino starts a short distance from this village and ends near the coastal village of Myrtos. The length of the gorge is 1.5km and its width ranges from 3 to 10 meters. The walls that reach a height of 150m, make this narrow gorge very impressive. In the gorge flows the River Kryopotamos. The gorge is rich in vegetation, birds and gargling water; It's a pretty passable walk but at some points climbing will be needed.