Living with nature

Kalyvitis is located in the southeastern part of Crete. It is an idyllic place in the middle of olive fields surrounded by mountains with fragrant pine trees. Beyond all that green you look out towards the sea with its secluded coves.

Here at Kalyvitis, you are far away from the masses and ‘the short fuses society’. You'll find complete rest and you can take life at your own pace. So you can swing in your hammock strung between the olive trees, swim in one of the beautiful bays nearby, or take a challenging bike- or hiking tour through beautiful gorges and mountains. You can do it all, you decide!


The Cabins

Your home base on Kalyvitis is one of 'the Cabins', stone cottages with a unique character. It has all the home comforts but without the luxury features of today; there is no television, no radio, limited internet and phone connection, and air conditioning is optional. But here you'll be spoilt with originality, personal service, unforgettable activities and all the wealth of nature, and that also means delicious food! All products and dishes provided here come from the Kalyvitis area, and how could it be otherwise! It’s prepared in its own olive oil! Even when we toast the good life, we do that with wine and raki created on Kalyvitis! Yamas!


Olive oil and honey

At Kalyvitis, we produce all our products on a small scale and organically. For those who want to enjoy our taste and quality at home, we sell our olive oil and hour honey on the property.